My VMworld Memories (2008 – 2013)

Today is the last day of the VMworld 2013 Europe in Barcelona, although I’m not there this year I thought it is time to recap all my VMworld visits.

My personal VMworld journey started in February 2008 with the 1st VMworld Europe in Cannes. Beside the Keynote from Diane Green and the first Hands-On-Labs my personal highlight was to meet Kit Colbert, the smart guy who now presents the keynote.

Later this year I had also the pleasure to visit the VMworld 2008 US in Las Vegas. Overwhelmed from the city themselves, it was amazing to see how 14000 people make this event special. Beyond the location and the technical highlights it was the party on the Las Vegas speedway which is absolutely present in my memory. You can the famous glowstick fight in the video below…

In February 2009 it was one more time to fly to Cannes to visit the VMworld Europe. This was the first VMworld were Paul Maritz was in charge of VMware. The vision of „Virtually anything is possible“ was presented by Paul and Steve Herrod. This year was also the last time I really enjoyed the party till 2013 (but this cames later).
The Ice angels where famous 🙂

In 2010 the VMworld Europe had 2 major changes. Number one was the location change to Copenhagen, because the convention center in Cannes had not enough space for all the people. Number 2 was the date, VMware decided to bring the VMworld US and Europe closer together to reduce the logistical effort for the conferences. What had benefits for VMware was a little bit bad for the european audience because most of the stuff was a re-run of the content which was presented in the U.S.
Till now I’m not sure if this good or bad to have 2 conferences so close together.
This year was also the year where VMware the first time started the discussion about Cloud on his conference.

VMworld Europe 2011 changed a lot of my perspective of the event because this year I was the 1st time actively involved. This started on TAM Day where Björn Brundert (Our TAM) and I had a discussion about the TAM program and how we use it followed up by some Q&A.
In the keynote on tuesday then Paul Maritz showed up the new release of vCenter Operations to audience. Later on the show I had the pleasure to co-present the 1st time at VMworld about how we used vCenter Operations and what benefits we see.
During our preperation for the customer reference video I had the pleasure to meet Steve Herrord and had short chat with him. (Thanks to Björn and Nichole)
Meetup with SteveBeyond this I had a great time together with some of VMware employees.

For the conference in 2012 VMware left Copenhagen and moved to Barcelona. I’m pretty sure is was only the weather which influenced the decision 😉
In 2012 Pat Gelsinger becomes the new CEO of VMware and so I had the pleasure to had also a short chat with him at the End of the TAM Day.
Meetup with PatBeyond the socializing I was a heavy user of the new TAM Customer Central.

This year I was allowed to attend VMworld US and what should I say. It was amazing how big the conference is there. My personal highlight was the lunch together with Pat Gelsinger and Bill Fathers.
LunchAnd as every year some great announcements has been made around NSX, VSAN and vCHS.

And for the 10th birthday of VMworld there must be a famous party. And what should I say have you ever made a party in a baseball stadium together with 2 amazing bands? It was really fantastic. You should watch the video to get some impressions.


VMworld 2013 – Day 0/1

Here a short wrapup about my first 2 days at VMworld 2013.
On Sunday the TAM Day was held and started with an interessant Keynote from Paul Strong who explained the change of IT on examples like moving from Britannia Encyclopedia to Microsoft Encarta to Wikipedia.
This and the general explanition of changing the IT model was part of this keynote.

Afterwards I attended the Session of Raghu who explained us the Vision of the Software-Defined DataCenter. He also spoke about the new VSphere and vCloud Suite products and how they fit into the strategy.

Now it was time for the Birth of feather Lunch where I spent my time with the VCO Team (Thomas Corfmat, Savina and Julian) to give a Feedback to them about vCO.

Then I joined my personal highlight of the TAM Day the Session from Martin Casado about NSX and how they change the way to deliver network services. You should definetly take a deeper look into this Solution!
Awesome also his Interpretation of the adaption curve

src=““ alt=“20130827-011550.jpg“ class=“alignnone size-full“ />

Did you also know that 40% of the VI Admins are Managing the vSwitches? I find this an amazing number.

The last Session of the TAM Day was from Banjot about the Cloud Automation and how the Future of vCAC will look like. The Day was closed by the Welcome reception in the Solution Exchange.

Day 1 of VMworld 2013 started with the Keynote of Pat Galseniger who presented the 3 Big announcements (vCloud 5.5, NSX and GA of vCHS) .

I joined then Session OPT5194 to hear how VMware has transformed his internal IT. This was presented by Kurt Milne. Some more Details about the Cloud Ops topic will follow the next days.

Afterwards I went to Hangspace and Solution Exchange to Take a look how what New Solution are out there.

Later on the Day I headed over to TAM Central were I had the Chance to speak to some Product Mangers about some new products, which are really looking cool!

My Day closed with the Session from Eric Sloof and Duco Jaspars about vCOps and the Quest of missing metrics.

Some more Details of Session Content will follow soon.

VMworld 2013 – Registration

Today the Registration for The VMworld started

Like every year you get a bag with some stuff inside


We got also the possibility to make a photo from the balcony of Moscone West

And from the stairs of the Moscone North


In the evening we joined the vBeers in an Irish Pub. We met up with some smart guys like Cormac Hogan or Simon Long.

I’m looking forward to the next days.

On my way way to VMworld 2013

Today I start my Journey to the Vmworld 2013 in San Francisco. I’m very happy to be allowed to fly to San Francisco. So a great thank you to my Company.

Currently I’m at the airport in Frankfurt and looking forward to my flight with an Airbus 380 directly to San Francisco.
I will update this post after my arrival in SFO…

After arriving in San Francisco I went for a short walk to the Moscone Center to see how far the preperations are.
As you can see most of stuff is already done


This Year it will be a lot of walking between the different locations on the VMworld Campus so bring the correct shoes with you.

I’m really looking forward to this event.

VMware kauft Virsto

Heute Nacht hat VMware bekannt gegeben das Sie die Firma Virsto Software kaufen werden. Virsto ist spezialisiert auf virtuelle Storagemanagement Lösungen. Weiter Details über die Übernahme könnt ihr folgendem Blog entnehmen

Für weitere technische Details kann ich den Blog von Cormac Hogan empfehlen

Dieses scheint ein weiterer Storage-Baustein im Software-Defined-Data-Center für VMware zu sein.

Abkürzungen im VMware Umfeld

Da es immer wieder verwirrung gibt was bedeutet eigentlich welche Abkürzung im VMware Umfeld hier eine kurze Übersicht:

DRS = Distributed Resource Scheduling
EUC = End-User Computing
HA = High-Availibility
SDDC = Software Defined DataCenter
SRM = Site Recovery Manager
pDC = Provider DataCenter
VAAI = VMware vStorage-APIs for Array-Integration
vApp = virtual Application
VASA = VMware vStorage APIs for Storage Awareness
VC = Virtual Center
vCAC = vCloud Automation Center
vCC = vCloud Connector
vCD = vCloud Director
vCNS = vCloud Network and Security (ehemals vShield)
vCO = vCenter Orchestrator
vCOps = vCenter Operations
VCSA = Virtual Center Server Appliance
vDC = virtual DataCenter
VDP = VMware Data Protection
VDR = Vmware Data Recovery
vDS = virtual Distributed Switch
VIN = Vmware infrastrucutre Navigator
VM = Virtual Machine
vMA = VMware vSphere Management Assistant

eine gute Übersicht über die vCloud Suite Produkte bittet das folgende Poster
vCloud Suite Poster

Besuch der VMUG Germany North in Hamburg


Gestern besuchte ich die VMUG in Hamburg um den Vortragen von Xing, Mike Laverick (VMWare) und Nimble Storage zu hören.

Für mich war es der erste Besuch auf einer VMUG und ich muss sagen es war super. Der Mix zwischen Kundenvorträgen und News von VMware war sehr gut.

Inhaltlich waren die Berichte von Xing und Mike Laverick für mich am wertvollsten. Xing berichtete über Ihren Weg in die Privat Cloud und zeigte ihr selbstentwickeltes Self-Service-Portal auf Basis von Ruby-on-Rails.

Mike berichtete anschließend über seine Erfahrungen mit HomeLabs und seine Testumgebung zum erlernen von vCloud Director, dieses könnt Ihr hier nachlesen.

Neben den Präsentationen waren in den verschiedenen Gruppendiskussionen ein angeregter Erfahrungsaustausch zu beoabchten, was mir sehr gefallen hat.

Ich kann mich auf diesem Wege nur bei den bei den beiden VMUG Leadern Jan Martin und Lars Wulf für die Veranstaltung bedanken und werde gerne wieder kommen.